Paint Club

Paint Club meets every other Monday night from 6:15-@8:30. It is full as of now but if I get 1 or 2 more ladies I will divide it into Monday nights and Thursday afternoons. 

The purpose of the "club" is two fold. When classes are offered they need to be very simplistic to fit into a 3 or 4 hour time frame. By meeting on a regular schedule  we can work on a project that requires more time and offers some real learning and technique. We vote on a project and continue until it's finished. Some only take 1 class but some may take 3 or 4. I realize that affordability is always a factor so each class is $10 with materials and extra $2, occasionally a little more.  

We have explored rice paper batik, mixed media, acrylics, pen & ink with oil rouging and many other techniques. All of the ladies are becoming proficient in techniques that will allow them to explore on their own as well. I try to not make the class to "heavy" but feel we are all there to learn and share my knowledge of color theory, perspective and 30 years of experience as well. 

I ran a group like this in Florida and it had a lovely social aspect too. Many friendships were made and activities shared as well.

Below are some pictures of the classes we have completed. If you think you are interested in joining in please call Dee at 954-461-7535